Goldenglo and Sunola Oil Mills

Our company is based in Port Shepstone, Kwazulu Natal, and specialises in the manufacture of soaps and candles.

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Beauty Soaps

Our range of beauty soaps includes the following brands: Hint of Spring, Pastel, and the recently introduced Diva.

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Blended Cooking Oils

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Whatever the occasion our range of quality long burning candles will ensure you are not left in the dark.

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Gold Bar Pure Soap

Our range of green bar soaps is not only competitively priced, but of superior quality as well.

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Cooking Oils

Pure Sunflower Oils

photo-(1)Entry into the cooking oil market is somewhat more difficult than other food markets, due to the extensive initial capital outlay required for the processing equipment. Sunola Oil Mills, the sister company of Goldenglo Candle & Soap Manufacturers, was born out of the directors’ vision to offer the consumer that much more choice in a market that was dominated by a few companies. Continuing with the traditions of Goldenglo, of offering quality products that were competitively priced, Goldenglo Pure Sunflower Oil was introduced into the market. Our premier brand has grown from strength to strength since initial launch.

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Blended Cooking Oils

sunolaSunola Cooking Oil is our brand of blended cooking oils that was launched simultaneously with our premier brand, Goldenglo Pure Sunflower Oil, to be a more cost effective alternative to our premier brand, while still manufactured to the highest quality that has become synonymous with our range of products.

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Palm Oil

photoFully refined, degummed, bleached and deodorised product obtained from fractionation of palm oil. Ideal for frying, baking and blanching. Used mainly in the chip and corn snack industries. Contains antioxidants and anti-foaming agents for maximum oil stability, producing a longer shelf life and crispier, tastier chips. Low rate of foaming & darkening. Naturally occurring in vitamin E and Carotene. 0% Trans Fatty Acids & Cholesterol.

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