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Our company is based in Port Shepstone, Kwazulu Natal, and specialises in the manufacture of soaps and candles. Our range of competitively priced quality soaps and candles are consumer friendly, and sure to stimulate sales in your area. Our products are distributed mainly in Kwazulu Natal, Eastern Cape and Gauteng in South Africa, and we also export to several Southern African countries.

Our soap offerings include the green bar soap, red bar soap, lemon fragranced laundry soap, and beauty soaps.

We produce two varieties of candle – a plain white household candle, and a longer burning translucent candle.

Our company started from humble beginnings in 1983 producing a single variety of candles. Our ongoing consumer research resulted in us expanding our product range significantly over the years to meet consumer demands. In sunola-girls-packing1997, we also entered the cooking oilgolden-glo-building market by establishing a sister company, Sunola Oil Mills (Pty) Ltd. Our oil business has also grown from strength to strength resulting in us branching out into margarine manufacturing for the biscuit industry.

Please contact our sales department at sales@goldenglo.co.za for price enquiries on our products or to request for a sales representative to visit you at your store.

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