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Toilet Soaps

hint-of-springOur range of beauty soaps includes the following brands: Hint of Spring, Pastel, and the recently introduced Diva which will be launched into the market in the near future. After the success of our Goldenglo Beauty Soap, and through ongoing market research, we decided to not only improve on an already good product, but to enter the market with a new product name as well. The improvement on our branding is targeted at a wider consumer market.

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Laundry Soaps

photo-1Product innovation is the key in creating excitement within the industry. Innovations not only draw in new consumers but also stimulates multiple purchases by the current user base. Our range of green bar soaps is not only competitively priced, but of superior quality as well. The different packaging configurations ensures that our products are affordable to people from a wide range of economic backgrounds.

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